Jun 26, 2016

Azure AD and ASP.NET Core

Now that the imminent release of ASP.NET Core  is here I felt that it was time for me to check out once again how everything has been integrated specially with regards to

Jun 11, 2016

Rolling Your Own Cloud

Rolling Your Own Cloud

As engineers we get a thrill out of building new and exciting things. However, the search for exciting and new uncharted territories, at least uncharted as far as we know, can lead us

Apr 11, 2016

From TFVC to Git on VSTS

In the previous post we talked about strategies for migrating your TFVC source code hosted in an on-premise TFS server and into a VSTS account hosted by Microsoft. So before you consider moving

Aug 25, 2015

Spring into the Cloud

The Cloud, if there was ever a term that carried so many connotations with it in the technology world during the last few years, The Cloud would be #1. Nevertheless, the fact remains