Learning Resources for Developing on Containers in Azure

Learning Resources for Developing on Containers in Azure

It has been a while since I last posted, as I have been busy learning more about containers while leading and managing a development team. However, I would like to share some informational resources regarding containerized applications and migration routes in Azure that leverage a Microservices architectural style.

These resources I am listing are centric to Azure and Docker/Windows containers, but there is a lot of good stuff packed into all of these. Thus, without further delay here are the list of resources:

Migrating Current .NET Apps to Azure (Windows Containers)

Cloud Native Microservices Architecture with .NET Core and Docker containers

And here are a few more resources that will be useful for any migration to .NET Core or the Azure Cloud if the business need ever arises:

Getting Started with .NET & Azure

With so much innovation, free content and expert guidance at our fingertips, I believe the .NET & Azure ecosystem will keep rocking in 2018 and beyond.

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