Developing Against Friction

Developing Against Friction

I am sure at some point and time in your life you have felt the effects of friction. Whether you first learned of this concept as a kid in science class, or you first felt it on your skin as you fell off your bike and scrape your knee on the pavement! Friction can be one of those forces of nature that we cannot always physically escape, but nevertheless we have learned to reduce its effects through different means. Just like a well oiled engine, we have found ways to deal with friction in the physical realm and perhaps even benefit from it…change your oil every 3000 miles? There’s a lucrative and repeatable business model! However, friction can also weave its way into the intangible parts of our lives and reducing the effects of virtual friction can sometimes exhaust the mind and spirit and empty our energy.

As I have been working in the software industry for the last decade or so I have realized that one of the things I always try and reduce in everything I do is friction. Whether it may be a technical implementation, a specific process or a team dynamic, I find myself always wanting to reduce the friction and the pain arising from such friction.

Thus, I decided to write down my thoughts on dealing with this phenomena, maximizing productivity and reducing pain. For at the end of it all, reducing the pain points can lead to happier developers, more harmonized teams and best of all more profitable businesses.

With that said, I am planning on posting some code from time to time but expect these to be sample code snippets to illustrate a point or perhaps just useful nuggets for you to use in order to reduce your friction points. I believe there are minds far greater than I, that will do a much greater job at sharing their exemplary code, so please take my shares with a grain of salt.

In essence that is what I am planning to do through this blog…some good in the world and share what I have learned with all of my readers. And of course I will continue to learn from you as this journey begins.